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The history of Hussain Tekri

The history of Hussain Tekri varies from culture to culture and family to family. There is notably, a very famous incident that is relate...

The history of Hussain Tekri varies from culture to culture and family to family. There is notably, a very famous incident that is related with the history of coming into existence of Hussain Tekri Sharief.

About 132 years back, the Princely State of Jaora. was ruled and governed by then Nawab Mohammed Ismail Ali-Khan. The city of Jaora was considered to be the capital of the State in Malwa. Nawab sahab had a very distinctive affection for Jaora. He loved the city to an extent that he used to get the city washed twice a day.

It happened coincidentally, that the festivals of two religions coincided with each other. The evening fell on the occasion of 10th Moharram (Ashura) & Ram Navmi. Ashura is considered to the one of the revered evenings in Islamic culture, & Ram Navmi holds a high prestige in Hinduism. Later on, that evening it happened that the followers belonging to both the religions had to take their religious activities on foot in the form of processions. Muslims had to carry their Taziyahs on their shoulders and circulate than in the city in remembrance of Hazrat Imam Hussain. On the other hand a group of Ram Leela artists had to take their troops from place to place to perform an act from the book of Ramayan. Jaora was a state ruled by the Nawab & the orders were clear to both the groups. Irrespective of the situation, the Ram Leela group could not go ahead in the Muslim Mohallas because of the Taziyahs were being displayed on the roads.

Jaora is in the province of Malwa particularly in M.P. which is mostly considered a desert. The temperature drops drastically during winters & the summers are very hot. It was one of the coldest evenings of Jaora, when the taziyahs were being carried on the shoulders of Muslims during the Muharram festival. A taziyah, would easily require close to 50-60 people for being carried in a procession. The chill started taking its toll on the Muslims, and instead of continuing on their course they decided to take a break and warm themselves over a bonfire. This action of Muslim procession of taziyahs delayed the journey of the Hindus who were in the process of taking out their procession of Ram Navami & they could not cross the Muslims as per the orders of the Nawab. This act was leading to an unnecessary argument between Hindus and Muslims. In order to avoid any dispute leading to confrontation; two senior religious people approached the Nawab. After explaining the entire situation to him the Nawab granted access to Hindus to go ahead of the Muslim procession.

After crossing few meters away from bonfire; the Hindu procession saw the Taziyah of Dada Muqim Khan that needed 50-60 people to lift it, was airborne by itself. The Taziyah rose about two meters in air and it moved by itself slowly. This sight completely panicked and terrified the witnesses of the scene & they ran to inform the Muslim troop about the incident. Muslim troop quickly rushed to the scene only to witness that the Taziyah had become airborne and was on its way to its Imam Bada. Most of the people started shivering in fear and ran off. However, some stayed back to see where the Taziyah was going! The Taziyah travelled for some time and came to a rest. People following the Taziyah waited for the dawn so that they could inform the Nawab about the incident. The place where the Taziyah came to standstill is known as Bazaar Mandi in present time city of Jaora & the Taziyah was of Dada Muqim Khan the uncle of the Nawab. There structure building constructed to house the Taziyah is known as Imam Bada.

Later on, in the morning people visited Nawab sahab and narrated the entire incident. For some reason Nawab sahab didn't seems much surprised… because the same night when the incident of Taziyah took place; Nawab sahab had a very interesting dream. He narrated his dream by saying - "I saw an elderly face in my dream. The face was glooming like a flower and shining like sun! There was an exquisite aura around this face. The entity seemed very holy & it said,"We like this place. We would like you to build something in our name at the place indicated by the Holy face where the present shrine of Bada Roza is situated. The land chosen smelt of musk & roses. The dream re-collected in Nawab sahabs minds after listening to the Taziyah incident. Nawab sahab discussed both the incidents with his group of Islamic scholars of Joara. They advised him to construct a platform on the place indicated in commemoration of the demand of the Holy Man presumes to the Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A.)

Strangely the same night a man by the name of Mohammed Ismail had a similar dream. Mohammed Ismail used to be a leather merchant running his business from. He saw a similar Holy face in his dream. He narrated his dream as, “I saw a bright and illuminating face with rays of Noor (Light) coming from everywhere. The entity tells me that there is a place by the name of Jaora, and in the outskirts of the place is a semi forest type of place. In that forest there is a secured place selected. By the entity where he wanted me to build two shrines of Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A.) & Hazrat Abbas (R.A.). There is a small gradient (Tekri) in the middle of the two proposed sites where the place selected wished to have Shrine of Imam Hussain & Just few meters away from the gradient there was a fountain of water where he wished to have the Shrine of Hazrat Abbas Alamdaar constructed. With my eyes bowed down I said to the entity that I don't have enough money to build the two shrines. The entity prophesied that I was going to get a massive consignment of leather from which I shall have enough capital to build the shrines. I nodded in acknowledgement...".

Eventually, after the series of incidents, that night, Mohammed Ismail received a massive consignment from Surat, from the sale of the same the profit was so enormous that he become rich over night. However, meanwhile by the flourishing success of his business he forgot about the dream and the responsibility he had to shoulder. Hence, one fine day when he was seated in his office doing his usual work. A boy walked in and reminded him about the dream he had. The boy also warned him that if he did not fulfilled his promise than all his wealth will be lost. Mohammed Ismail sat in a state of shock & kept on thinking as to how the boy knew about the dream when he never told anybody about it! He came out of the state of trance only to realize that the boy had gone. He quickly rushed out of his cabin to find the boy but he had just vanished. He questioned his peon as to where did the boy go ? The peon replied he did not see any boy coming in or going out. Astonished by his answer Mohammed Ismail was assured that this was a warning & he should consider the work that is ordained for him. He went home the very moment and narrated the entire sequence to his family. He left for Jaora the very same day.

It took approximately 5 years for Mohammed Ismail to construct the two Shrines. He also built a guest house which is known as Raj Mohammed Sarai for the convenience of the people visiting to Shrines.

This incident had happened on the 10th day of Islamic month of Moharram which is the day Hazrat Imam Hussain embraced martydom. hence this place is named after him as 'Hussain Tekri Sharief'

Nawab Mohammad Iftikhar Ali Khan Bahadur and Mohammed Ismail's graves are present in the premises of the Shrine of Imam Hussain in Hussain Tekri. Nawab Sahab deonated 230 bighas 8 biswa/ 57 acres, of land to the shrine with numerous other sarais, Houses, Rooms, etc. money from the money boxes collected from five shrines & formed a Muslim Waqf, which is registered with the M.P. Waqf Board, Bhopal, and managed & administrated by Nawab Sarwar Ali-Khan as the hereditary Mutawalli / Manager of Waqf.


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Azadari Jaunpur: The history of Hussain Tekri
The history of Hussain Tekri
Azadari Jaunpur
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